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Potential functions of interactive consultations establish sound economic infrastructures prior to operation.

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Web Design and Development

With years of experience in the area of website development and design, the Softriva team offers nothing less than the best and highest quality of service for its clients. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, starting from analyzing their specific requirements and needs to building an integrated website that fulfills their objectives and aspirations

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With our team’s extensive experience, coupled with a strong technical support system, Softriva offers you the best and safest web hosting services in the industry. We use top-of-the-line servers for all our web hosting services.



In Webspeak, a domain name refers to your web address-the specific location that can be used to locate your website among millions of other sites on the internet. Your domain, on the other hand, refers to your IP address – a series of numbers which also correspond to your specific location on the internet, but are not commonly used by laymen – much like your longitudes and latitudes in the physical world.

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Softriva offers its customers the best software solutions for managing their web pages through high-quality content management systems (CMS). For we believe that the value of any website depends in a large part to its ability to present information and data accurately in a timely and updated manner. Every content management program produced by the Softriva team is designed to meet the highest level of flexibility and ease of use.



Hoping to break into the online market? Softriva can help you to open your E-store where you can present your products and services to online consumers, receive and fill product orders, and facilitate other business transactions with your end-customers. E-commerce offers unlimited opportunities for business and sales growth, opportunities that you can easily avail of with your own well-designed e-commerce website.


Applications and Programming

Softriva prides itself as a leader in web applications and programming. We’re happy to offer our integrated web applications and programming package to organizations that are seeking to improve their system efficiency.